Wednesday, 19 June 2013

project: exotic rag doll
in the spirit of loving, sharing and representing unity I have for quite a while now been posting art for the public eye. My favorite endeavor so far has been the mini rag dolls crafted from discarded string and cutoffs from my custom tailoring. I bind them up in the mind of love and peace, adorn them with eyes(usually rusty roadside rings) and whatever other embellishment that may be near by, lingering. They are then taken to the streets and a conspicuous place is found for someone to stumble on to the special little devotion beast. With most I try and include an inspiring message, intricate poem, few word positive boost or just the doll itself.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

forecasted loneliness
dissected innocence
pinned up for display
a space beyond
the flutter of eyelashes
holographs distract us
become architectural masters
drafters of the ornate
release the weight that matter creates
and waltz with vibrations

Monday, 27 May 2013


My first english conversation in weeks! I was daring myself to enter the glisteny turquoise water when on my way in were some british children half submerged. I questioned them about the ominous black patches near by to which they replied, in their proper accents: 'it's only a miniature kelp forest'  This was a Pandora's box for their adorable babble, after sometime and much to my surprise I came to find that they were highly informed about the sea... yet soon after they had enchantingly inflated my imagination with all the childish rants about pirates, parrot fish and undersea islands filled with music treasure, not gold, but music! their father came along and dropped the anvil, all of this was a recitation from a television show and we were only on episode 3 out of 100, they've seen them all....

serve love not replacements 

I'm not meaning that there is no love in a family unit that sets their child in front of a screen every now and again but when you understand how much of a sponge a tiny, developing mind is the closest influence should be the ones just near. Mom and pop could craft tales of the sea and maybe even ask for some 5 year old assistance to fill in the blanks with their own cerebral creativity, through pictures or on going story telling with the ever so addicting cliffhanger. Life should be an interaction, not a reaction, the constant strive for entertainment supplements is a pirate to the magic that we all have the ability to create.

Friday, 17 May 2013

deep jewel
rich with salty breath
ancient pillars mimic
divinity; astronomic
sanctuary compelled
by the instant
continuously dwell
in a wildcrafted crown
of passion

Temple of Apollo, Didyma, Turkey                       

Thursday, 16 May 2013

old town; just behind the train tracks,
where stray cats hover over dumpsters
and tiny dirt streaked gypsies play tag along stone streets.

Nazilli, Aydin, Turkey

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

turn up the heat on your exotic coffee
let the foam roam deep, heavenly
into drenched bellies
pry open third eyes
for a faint whisper devised: "there's rainbows inside"

Monday, 1 April 2013

each second light scatters then projects
the organic and geometric dance of all things 
veil yourself in this beauty; being.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Thursday, 21 March 2013

reclined vibrations resting in the chest
texture expressed through purple lipped breaths
twine wound tightly around the vacant spaces
rusty eyed replacement
bringing smiles to their faces
confidence strung on arbitrary laces
good and evil are born based on incubation
dip your ear in the chimney decoding the roof top salut, pointed to heavens
before a hot salmon colored sunrise hovering over the train tracks, we tacked, orphaned rags devoted to amplifying joy beams, as slippery atoms hold together all things...

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cerebral feet tramp on in dusty midnight dreams
comforting the haunted scenes born inside an innocent scatter brain. 
Stacks of forgotten nothings clogging their souls 
arms reach for spirited answers
trickles from a shiny miracle wand 
Drones and angelic whispers 
as I pray for creative elasticity to continue floating in the tiny mind
stricken with fear beams. 
4 footed creatures humming,
testing ours hearts ability.
Striped in simplicity, totems of another time.
Release yourself to the wild pink sky
soon to be dotted with gassy firings of eternity, a distant blood line.

Galesburg, Illinois, US