Monday, 17 February 2014

a symphony crept from me 
as I stitched together bird calls and discarded brick clinks
surrounded by mounds of wings 
once swept by the breeze
engulfed in a meadow of magic plants 
that when steeped cure disease
its a place where jaw bones rest in the river bed 
writing stories never bothered to be read

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

small steps
highlighting one elder at a time;
A friend recently shared this saying with me: 'as we inch closer to our death we begin to take smaller steps' 
While contemplating this I chose not to think of these steps as a kind of attempted delay but instead felt that as the years stack upon themselves the feet that have moved through them now know relativity, understand time and have mastered the art of savouring. 
At the moment I am in Turkey where most of the older generations hold the traditions intact and as the weeks go by and I make my rounds traveling this region I will devote my respect to these gems who have endured the joys of life through producing, selling, creating and well, just living... 

small steps 1: basket man

This man claimed to have a need for creating these wonderful baskets, said it gave him a mind of peace which would otherwise be anxious and rambling. He was proud of the fifty years spent with his wife and also lit up when his son appeared. He was my momentary idol with his patchwork pants and authentic patena... simply weaving the moments.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Spread love!
Love is the negation of all thought and effort,
You are innately love.
Love is the content of your true self, 
What you are beneath everything else, 
so dust off your heart and
Let it shine!

Thursday, 6 February 2014


Use your hands, they're for creating magic. 
Everything is whispering to you. 
In that whisper is an invitation to become a translator, asking you to insert fragments of divine into this world. A reminder that you are a master whose duty is to manufacture grandeur. Go forth and shine, get twisted into existence, let your spirit fly and allow the direction you are sent to be your joy...